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Frequently Asked Questions

What information can get stolen off hard drives and other electronic items?

Most often, the data being stolen are things like bank numbers, credit card information, social security numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. that can give hackers the opportunity to steal your identity and money.

How does hard drive destruction work?

We make it easy. You don’t have to do anything, not even dismantle your hard drive. We schedule a pickup or drop-off, take the items you want to be destroyed straight, and destroy them completely onsite. Not one bit of information is left.

Is electronic data shredding legal?

It’s as legal as you can get when it comes to getting rid of unwanted, data-containing items. Every member of the MARS team is fully trained and highly experienced when it comes to compliance laws and regulations for a variety of industries. We take keeping you and your reputation safe seriously, making sure we follow every state and federal requirement for the latest shredding standards.

Do you offer a certificate of document destruction?

Yes, we issue a Certificate of Destruction form when records have been destroyed.

Why is it important to dispose of computers through a professional company?

Hard Drives could be stolen by theives, scanned for their information and sold to spammers or hackers leaving you responsible for improperly disposing of sensitive client/employee data. Especially if they have their identities stolen or bank accounts hacked.