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"Where we take care of all of your Companies Asset Management and Computer Recycling Needs!"

MARS is a premier provider of Asset Recovery Services focused on environmentally sustainable processes, that meet or exceed EPA requirements for zero landfill operations. We specialize in managing the risk and complexity of obsolete assets in government and business environments on a national basis.  We provide a secure, risk free service, which abates customer liabilities throughout the entire asset management and recycling process. With over 10 years experience, we have a proven track record of zero environmental or data security issues.

Who We Are

MARS, with over 10 years of experience of managing environmentally sensitive materials in a way that promoted stewardship of the environment on all levels; locally, nationally, and globally, while still providing the best possible fiscal results for our clients.

We treat all of the material we manage as commodities with a measurable worth, not as waste.  As we are able to divert this material from landfills and into re-use or recycling, we are able to see firsthand that the changes we make, along with our clients, directly affect and benefit the environment.  At MARS sustainability is not just a goal, it is the foundation our company was built on.